Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Latest Ranking

It's been a while since I was able to post any update on this site. I have been hooked up to my job and did not have time to post updates about the N7W of Nature.

Right now, I manage to take a peek at the latest ranking and so I am taking this opportunity to somehow share the information.

And so, here are your 28 finalist for the N7W of Nature campaign, based on the latest update from the new7wonders.com web site.

The ranking has divided the list into two groups which are listed in alphabetical order.

Top 14 includes:
Amazon, Angel falls
Bay of Fundry, Dead Sea
Galapagos, Grand Canyon
Great Barried Reef, Halong Bay
Iguazu falls, Jeita Grotto
Komodo, Maldives
Puerto Princesa, Vesuvius

Bottom 14 includes:
Black forest, Bu Tinah Shoals
Cliffs of Moher, El Yunque
Jeju Island, Kilimanjaro
Masurian Lake, Matterhorn/Cervino
Milford, Mud Volcanoes
Sundarbans, Table Mountain
Uluru, Yushan

To check the rankings page, you can visit it at:

Bottom 14 really needs more support, but same with the top 14. While voting is still far from being over, support should not stop specially for those in the top 14 if you do not want your candidate to be left at the bottom of the rankings.

To vote your bets, visit:

Additional Update:
Through this campaign, our wonders have gain more popularity and as a result, visits to them has increased. One example is Puerto Princesa, home of the Underground River and one of the previous bet, the Tubbataha Reef. Through its wonders, tourist both local and foreign has started to check on this great wonders. This is great news not only for the economy of the area, but for nature itself. This increases awareness on conserving and protecting our environment.

For more about the latest news from the N7W campaign, drop by at:

Until next update, hopefuly, sooner. Hope this brief update is informational enough.

Thank you and great day.

Enjoy our wonders and let's all take part in taking care of them.