Friday, May 23, 2008

Tubbataha Reef

Tubbataha Reef (Palawan, Philippines) - Rank 2 as of June 13, 2008
The name 'Tubbataha' is the Samal (dialect of Sulu Archipelago) word for "long reef exposed at low tide". Samals are seafaring people of the Sulu Sea and are one of the few people who have accessed the Park in early 1980's. Cagayanen people who are more geographically associated with Tubbataha Reefs referred the Park as 'gusong'.

Tubbataha Reef has been declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site (see and/or

The national park covers some 33,200 hectares, located in the middle of the Sulu Sea about 150 kilometres southeast of (and 12 hours by boat from) Puerto Princesca, the capital city of Palawan island. It is the largest coral reef and the only National Marine Park in the Philippines. It houses variety of marine creatures which includes whale sharks, manta rays, sea turtles, dolphins, tuna, jackfish, colorful reef fishes, and seahorses. About 300 coral species, and at least 40 families and 379 species of fish were recorded to be seen at the park.

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