Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Am Back - Wonders Ranked# 1

I am back. It's been a while since I was able to post here. Been busy with work, and had no time updating my blog. While I may have not been able to post any updates regarding the New 7 Wonders of Nature, I tried to keep myself updated if my bets will make it to the top 77. From the tally of votes to come up with the top 77, it seems that most of my bets made it, however, since they decided that it is only one entry per country, my other bets failed to enter.

Right now, it appears that the new 7 wonders will be coming from different categories since the entries were divided into groups and the new ranking displays the rank per group as well. So it would not be possible to have two entries on the Magic 7 that falls under the same category.

Since this is my first post after a long time, I will start by listing the current entries which are ranked# 1 per group.

For Group A: Kalahari Desert - BOTSWANA/ NAMIBIA/ SOUTH AFRICA

For Group B: Galapagos Islands =ECUADOR

For Group C: Mount Everest - NEPAL

For Group D: Davolja Varos - SERBIA

For Group E: Puerto Princesa - PALAWAN/PHILIPPINES

For Group F: Niagara Falls - CANADA/ UNITED STATES

For Group G: Great Barrier Reef - AUSTRALIA/ PAPUA NEW GUINEA

For the complete list of the ranking per group, go to:

I will try to list at least the top 5 per Group the next time and try to provide basic information for each entry.

For now, its just nice to be back.

Great day to everyone and keep on voting your candidates per group to make sure they wont fall on the rankings.

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